Get Your Build Site Off The Ground And Into The Cloud!

THEFT, VANDALISM, HEALTH and SAFETY NEGLECT plague the construction industry. Utilize Cloud based security solutions with Angelcam to monitor and report activity on your site.

Studies from the Chartered Institute of Building* show that theft in the UK construction industry effect 42.7% of participants on a monthly basis. Vandalism shows similar results with 42.8% on a monthly basis. 90% of participants are aware of ongoing health and safety neglect precipitating in a staggering 60% occurence rate per month.

As in all industries practices change and evolve over time. Main contractors look at security through an antiquated lens. On site security guards, local CCTV systems, and barriers all have one thing in common. They are susceptible to tampering and outside influence. More importantly, they are widely accepted as unreliable. Due to these factors security budgets are consistently mitigated precipitating the crime figures above resulting in a perpetual cycle of loss and damaged property. Why not approach the problem with a 21st century solution?

Our clients have evolved and in doing so solved their security issues while saving on expenses. With Angelcam’s services our clients have utilized the cloud to supplement their existing security system, drastically diminish false alarms, reliably identifying intruders, and preventing loss or tampering of footage.

Angelcam can give you the oversight and peace of mind you need while managing your construction sites. Report, retain, and mitigate criminal activity through remote video monitoring. View your site at any time with our user-friendly web app or Android / IOS mobile app. Create clips and download them from the cloud when you like.

Source: Crime in the construction industry – CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) survey 2016

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