Skilled mobile developers wanted

At Angelcam, except for other projects, we are building a mobile app that can be used “just” for viewing live or recorded video from cameras but we would like to learn this app much more. The word “just” is not quoted by accident. There are tonnes of apps for viewing camera streams but there’s only one that can be used to connect almost any camera or alarm from any manufacturer – our app.

Who do we look for?

Our team

In fact, it’s not one hundred percent correct that we’re developing our app at Angelcam. Its development has been outsourced until now but we want to start building it in-house. We’re convinced that it will help us to deliver with higher flexibility and overall better quality. We intend to create an agile team that is willing to work on tasks that might suddenly occur or quickly change. Angelcam currently has two designers – Vráťa (first from the right in the picture above) and Vojta, our product owner Henry (third from right) and a horde of backend developers (Liva is second from the left in the front and then most of the remaining guys). The only person that is missing in the team is you.

We’re building our app natively for both platforms – iOS in Swift and Android in Kotlin. For starters, we’re looking for one iOS developer and one Android developer. You should have solid experience with development, be able to write maintainable code and be able to design and keep proper application architecture. You and I – we both know that there won’t be anyone else in the company but you, who would understand mobile development better. That gives you a lot of freedom but also a lot of responsibility and key impact on the final shape of the product. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you completely alone in this – one of our investors are experienced mobile developers that are always here for help or advice.

We want you to start thinking about our app as it’s your child and we expect you to try to make it perfect and not just follow usual workflow assignment – done – checked – another assignment.

And also you should be able to communicate in English as we’re an international team.

If you’re scared of foreign code you don’t have to be. We’ve made several independent code reviews for our app and the quality is good. But you can convince yourself. I will show you the code, just text me.

What will you do?

In the following months, we want to iterate our app step by step to something we call Real Time Security. What is that about? Imagine it’s morning and you’re leaving your home. You get a notification that your alarm is armed (because of geofencing). At the noon you get another push notification with a warning that there is something happening in your garden. Unfortunately, you’re just in the middle of the meeting so you can’t pay attention to that. So a few seconds later notification is automatically sent to your brother (because you’ve shared the access with him). Your brother watches a short camera record related to the event, finds out that it was just neighbors cat and dismiss the alarm.

Check out our video how Real Time Security is going to work.

Why should you join us?

I can tell you why I’m at Angelcam. Because I have the same level of freedom (but also the same level of responsibility) as before when I worked as a freelancer. Plus I can fully focus on one thing, I’m part of a great team and together we can work on something that has a deeper meaning for me and what would be a too big project for an individual.

If you join us you will have our full trust. You can work anytime and from anywhere. From time to time you have to join for some meetings but you can do that remotely (we’re working in CET timezone). If you like we have a nice office in Prague, Czechia but otherwise your main buddies for collaboration are going to be Wrike, Slack, Zoom and GitHub. But don’t worry at least once in a year we all meet in one place to relax together, to drink some beer and maybe to do a bit of work as well (check our video from Angelcamp).

By the way, you can take as much vacation as you need, we’re focused on results.

If you wanna know more about Angelcam, check out our profile on Cocuma.

Angelcam is not that kind of startup that started yesterday and thinks that it will change the world today. We started four years ago, we are a group of 15 in the company, we value openness, we have customers from all over the world and we have working products (by the way our app is used on a single platform by approximately two thousand customers). To join us means to jump on a ship that is sometimes shaking a bit when there is a storm but this ship definitely knows where it’s heading.

Would you like to try it with us?

In such case:

  • Download our mobile app (iOS, Android) and try to connect your first camera (hint: if, by an accident, you don’t have any camera you can use any JPEG image URL as MJPEG camera)
  • Write to me at a few things that you would like to improve in our app right after you join us and also some information about which apps you already worked on.

Looking forward!