The 7 OLCC security camera regulations cannabis dispensary owners need to understand

The rules for Oregon cannabis dispensaries come from Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s Division 25, and is published here under Recreational Marijuana.  Full disclaimer: this is not legal advice, and these rules will continue to evolve. This is only an interpretation of the rules as published on oregon.gov/olcc as of March 15 2018.

The 4 primary sets of rules that pertain exclusively to security camera system are in sections:

  • §845-025-1430: Video Surveillance Equipment
  • §845-025-1440: Required Camera Coverage and Camera Placement
  • §845-025-1450: Video Recording Requirements for Licensed Facilities
  1. §845-025-1460: Location and Maintenance of Surveillance Equipment

There are 3 additional sections that touch upon your security camera system:

    1. §845-025-2840: Retailer Premises states that a retailer must post in a prominent place signs that read “Security Camera in Use”
    1. §845-025-1175: Changing, Altering, or Modifying Licensed Premises 6(c) states that Any physical change that would require the installation of additional video surveillance cameras or a change in the security system
  1. §845-025-1410 Security Requirements 4(b) Keep all video recordings and archived required records not stored electronically in a locked storage area. Current records may be kept in a locked cupboard or desk outside the locked storage area during hours when the licensed business is open

Below is a summary of each rule section and some advice from Angelcam:

  • 845-025-1430: Video Surveillance Equipment describes the equipment you must have on premises. It says you must have:
    • Cameras that can fulfill the requirements in §1450 (we’ll write more on that later)
    • DVR’s or NVR’s  
    • A video monitor on site capable of viewing recorded videos.
    • A printer on-site capable of producing still photos
    • The ability to produce still photos from any camera image
    • A failure notification system in case of interruption of the system.
    • Battery backup to support 1 hour of recording time if power goes out.
  • Except for mounted cameras, all surveillance equipment (NVR,DVR, Angelbox, etc) must be stored in a locked secure area that is accessible only to licensee, personnel or Commission employees/contractors.

A few notes on this rule and how Angelcam can help:

We recommend using IP cameras and an NVR instead of Analog/DVR systems. One benefit is that the cameras can be connected to the cloud on stand-alone basis if needed.  

The last rule applies to the surveillance room that will need to be monitored by another security camera, and that camera’s footage will need to be backed up to the cloud.  The idea here is that the OLCC will be able to know if the surveillance equipment or footage is tampered with, since a camera is monitoring the equipment area and that footage is recorded to the cloud in real-time. This is a common starting point for dispensaries to begin using a cloud video system with a mobile app like Angelcam.  

To enhance the granularity of the failure notification system, Angelcam’s system can provide you with an email notification if any specific camera is offline for more than 10 minutes.

  • 845-025-1440: Required Camera Coverage and Camera Placement talks about the areas the cameras need to surveil:
    • All points of ingress and egress, including within 15 feet inside and out
    • Consumer sales area
    • Surveillance room
  • “Limited access” areas

From the OLCC, “Limited access area” means a building, room, or other contiguous area on a licensed premises where a marijuana item is produced, processed, stored, weighed, packaged, labeled, or sold.

  • 845-025-1450: Video Recording Requirements for Licensed Facilities talks more about what needs to be recorded including the resolution and quality of video:
    • Record footage in any area with marijuana, plants, concentrates, extracts, etc. including areas of ingress/egress.
    • For “Limited Access” and “Consumer sales” areas, use 1280p footage at 10 frames per second.
    • In other areas that are not “Limited access”, 1280p with 5 frames per second works, unless coverage overlaps any limited access areas (including entrances). Then cameras must record at 10 fps;
    • Cameras must be able to record in all lighting conditions.
  • Keep surveillance recordings on-premises for a minimum of:
      • 90 days (if license granted after Aug 31 2016)
    • 30 days (if license granted before Aug 31 2016)
  • Back up the video surveillance recordings off-site and in real time for the surveillance room or surveillance area. Keep off-site backup recordings described in of this rule for a minimum of 30 days.

This is the rule that requires real-time backup of video stored off-site, and one of the most common reasons a cloud-based video service like Angelcam is used. The rule can be confusing since it states both “surveillance room or surveillance area”.  

It’s worth understanding the intention of this rule. OLCC representatives have stated the intention is to provide a mechanism to verify coverage in the event of a breach, stated or known, by requiring licensees to have a security system to provide evidence if what happened was a theft. Dispensary owners, the OLCC and law enforcement will be able to prevent breaches much more quickly and effectively with live streams of the security videos backed up to the cloud in real-time, since they cannot be tampered with.

In terms of the definition, practically speaking, each facility is different and more or less vulnerable to breach – this is where inspectors come in.  Typically inspectors will only require 30-day cloud storage for surveillance of this area, but we have seen cases where dispensary owners have said they required 90-day off-site storage.  

Currently, the only explicit 90-day storage requirement in the rule guide is for the video kept on-premises in your DVR/NVR.

Angelcam provides 30-day and 90-day cloud recording packages to allow owners to meet these requirements, and will preserve whatever footage and resolution comes from the camera.

  • 845-025-1460: Location and Maintenance of Surveillance Equipment describes the room where the surveillance equipment is stored.

It states that off-site storage must be secure and the recordings must be kept in a format approved by the Commission that can be easily accessed for viewing and easily reproduced.  Angelcam’s cloud-based video recording service makes it easy for dispensary owners to create, download or share mp4 video clips with authorities upon request. With our player-sharing feature, dispensary owners and operators can give their 3rd party security teams remote access and viewing.

See Angelcam solution here.

View. Record. Share. All in one on your mobile app now

If you urgently need someone else to have a look at a live stream from your camera(s), but you are not at your computer, or if you just like using a mobile app everywhere you go, we believe you’ll appreciate the latest mobile app update. In addition to the existing live stream view, we’ve added the ability to share the live stream with people you need. But not only that, you can also allow other people to look into your past recordings (according to your current plan of Cloud Recording app and if you have a camera connected to any IFTTT compatible device, motion events will be also marked in the video clips).


Advantages of the Angelcam mobile app:

  • Share the live view with your guests *
  • Share live stream & recordings with your guests *
  • Share recordings from the camera with events marked on the recordings *
  • View all your cameras on one screen (in a different previews)
  • View all cameras that your friends have shared with you
  • View events on your timeline
  • Quickly scroll through past recordings
* New feature


Download the mobile app on iTunes or Google Play (for iOS 10 or Android 4.4 and newer), it’s FREE for all Angelcam users.



Once you try it, be sure to let us know what you think about the app by leaving us a comment on the app store page.




Get Your Build Site Off The Ground And Into The Cloud!

THEFT, VANDALISM, HEALTH and SAFETY NEGLECT plague the construction industry. Utilize Cloud based security solutions with Angelcam to monitor and report activity on your site.

Studies from the Chartered Institute of Building* show that theft in the UK construction industry effect 42.7% of participants on a monthly basis. Vandalism shows similar results with 42.8% on a monthly basis. 90% of participants are aware of ongoing health and safety neglect precipitating in a staggering 60% occurence rate per month.

As in all industries practices change and evolve over time. Main contractors look at security through an antiquated lens. On site security guards, local CCTV systems, and barriers all have one thing in common. They are susceptible to tampering and outside influence. More importantly, they are widely accepted as unreliable. Due to these factors security budgets are consistently mitigated precipitating the crime figures above resulting in a perpetual cycle of loss and damaged property. Why not approach the problem with a 21st century solution?

Our clients have evolved and in doing so solved their security issues while saving on expenses. With Angelcam’s services our clients have utilized the cloud to supplement their existing security system, drastically diminish false alarms, reliably identifying intruders, and preventing loss or tampering of footage.

Angelcam can give you the oversight and peace of mind you need while managing your construction sites. Report, retain, and mitigate criminal activity through remote video monitoring. View your site at any time with our user-friendly web app or Android / IOS mobile app. Create clips and download them from the cloud when you like.

Source: Crime in the construction industry – CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) survey 2016

How are you tackling crime activities on your site? Contact us and get a free consultation

View all of your camera feeds on one screen with the brand new Video Wall feature

Tired of flicking from one camera to another, trying to keep an active eye on all of your feeds at a given time? With our brand new Video Wall feature, you no longer have to.  


Easily create an overview that displays your camera feeds on one screen, customizing it according to your specific needs. Best of all, not only can you watch up to 10 cameras on one Video Wall, but you can create an unlimited amount of Video Walls and conveniently switch between them.

Use this great new feature to create your own video monitoring station or just quickly and easily check if all your cameras are online.


To get started creating your first video wall, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your My Angelcam zone.
  2. Click on the “Video Wall” button on the top menu bar
  3. Click on “Create View”
  4. Name your new Video Wall
  5. Add desired cameras to the wall



The New and Improved Timelapse App is Back


Not only have construction companies requested it as a means to record site progress for themselves or clients, but event agencies and conference organizers appreciate creating these time-lapse videos to show the various evolutions of their events.


A bit of inspiration, how you can use your timelapse video:


The new and improved Timelapse app is back and enables you to create a time-lapse video from your IP camera.

The Timelapse app is available upon request right now, so feel free to contact us if interested and we’ll provide you with more information and price plans.

More details about how it works are here.




Hikvision’s latest security issue (affects Hikvision OEM brands as well)

We have noticed an increasing number of Hikvision cameras being hacked over the last few weeks. If you’re using a Hikvision camera, please pay attention to this post and check if your camera is safe.

The main reason why we are informing end users about this particular security issue is due to how easy it is to gain access into affected devices. It is called a “Hollywood hack”, one press of a button and they’re in. The ease of use combined with the fact that it is a widely known and discussed issue means that it poses a real threat to many users.

Was I hacked?

In most cases, your camera settings will get changed for no apparent reason or the camera will be reset to its factory defaults. A hacked camera might even appear to work completely fine, so we recommend securing your camera anyway.

Please note that this is a tech article, if you’re not familiar with some of the processes below, please try using our AngelBox for additional security or contact your local dealer/camera manufacturer.

Which devices are vulnerable and how are they being attacked?

Certain Hikvision firmware versions have a static password hard-coded into the firmware. This means that no matter how complex the password, every camera can be directly accessed. Most cameras will end up being reset to their factory defaults, in certain cases, the attacker might use the gained access to take over the camera for their own purposes or try to access your network.

For the camera to be vulnerable, its HTTP port (usually port 80, where you access the configuration page of your camera) has to be publicly available. This means that you either have to have it forwarded on your router for remote access or you need to have UPnP enabled in the camera and in the router, as well.

Cameras NOT affected: cameras which are used in closed local networks only, cameras which are only streaming to public through RTSP port or cameras connected to Angelcam through AngelBox.

Both official Hikvision devices and OEM brands selling Hikvision hardware are affected. The brands include, for example, some models from Annke, Digital Watchdog, Hunt, Lorex, Swann, TrendNet and so on.

What to do to secure your cameras?

First, please be warned that you’re performing all these actions at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage or failures resulting from following the recommendations.

If you’re not familiar with the following, we recommend contacting your local distributor and asking them for an assistance.

To make this matter even more complicated, there are two version of Hikvision devices.

-Devices sold officially through authorized security dealers

-Grey imports usually sold on Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba

The grey imports tend to be translated Chinese versions. Upgrading firmware in such cameras results in “bricking” them (effectively destroying their software completely). These cameras have a “CH” in their serial number. If you have such cameras, you can try any following recommendations except for a firmware upgrade. To upgrade your firmware, please contact your dealer/seller or try following one of many online guides at your own risk.

  1. If you have a HTTP port remotely accessible and you don’t need it, close the port.
  2. In addition to point 1, disable UPnP in your camera network settings and disable UPnP in your router settings as well. It will prevent local devices from opening ports on the router automatically. This feature is usually disabled by default, so just make sure it stays that way.
  3. If you have an officially sold Hikvision device, upgrade the firmware. Most devices should have a firmware 5.5.0 available for download and this specific security issue should be fixed there. Depending on your location, feel free to use one of the following portals:
    In order to do this process properly, upgrade the firmware by following the recommended manufacturer’s procedure and then reset the camera to its factory defaults. By doing this, you will make sure that there are no configuration changes left after the attack.

    If the device is not Hikvision, but its OEM brand, please contact the manufacturer directly.
  4. If you either can’t change anything mentioned above or if you simply want to improve the general level of security when using Angelcam, try using our AngelBox – a device with end to end video encryption which makes it effectively impossible for the camera to be hacked.
  5. As an additional option, we recommend setting up a VLAN for your security system and disabling the devices from this VLAN to access the rest of your local network. Even if the cameras get hacked, the hacker won’t be able to gain access to the rest of your network.

Product updates: remote camera administration, enhanced Camera Connector, and more!

At Angelcam we’re dedicated to continuously enhancing your user experience. To that end, our most recent efforts have just come to fruition and we’re bringing you a bunch of new updates and features:

Live camera overview

Users have been utilizing our smart multi-camera view on mobile devices for a while now, and we’re excited to announce that our web app will be following suit and integrating this popular feature. For those unfamiliar with it, the multi-camera view provides an instant overview of all your streams at once. You’ll be able to utilize this new functionality directly from your camera dashboard. With that, we replaced the static snapshots with a live snapshot stream (see example below).

Remote camera administration

Managing your cameras just got a lot easier because now all cameras connected to an Angelbox are manageable via a remote connection. Here’s a glimpse of what you would see from your camera’s administration panel.

Take your cameras to the next level

All cameras using Angelcam are now IFTTT-ready (if you’re unfamiliar with the magic of IFTTT, you can learn more about it on our blog). With that, it’s now possible to create an event on the timeline of your mobile app using any IFTTT-compatible device. To see if your IFTTT-compatible sensor, lock, or automation system are Angelcam-ready, have a look at this compatibility list. With IFTTT and Angelcam working in tandem, the only thing that limits your cloud-recording experience is your imagination 🙂

Navigation between IFTTT events in mobile app

Jump from one event to another to quickly go through important moments your camera recorded.

Camera Connection Assistance

We know if you say, “I need help”, that you really need help, ideally immediately. Because of that, we are now offering new Camera Connection Assistance. For a deposit of $30, you’ll be able to schedule time with one of our experienced technicians, who will help you solve any technical issues – may that be connecting your camera, embedding a stream, managing your ports, etc. If the technician is successfully able to assist you, then you’ll be provided a credit of $30 for our cloud services. If the technician is unable to assist you and get your cameras/NVR up and running at Angelcam, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Improved camera connection functionality

We have enhanced our camera connection functionality (https://my.angelcam.com/connect) to be faster, more responsive, and compatible with even more cameras. Learn more.

Join our beta testing

We are happy to announce that beta testing is finally open to all interested users. If you’re up for helping us improve our products and services, delivering an even better experience for all of our users, you can apply to the beta testing program by simply sending an email to support@angelcam.com. Please include, “Beta testing program,” in the subject line.

What’s new in the BETA? Create events from e-mail

Every camera will now have a unique email address, when upon receiving an email, an event will be created on the camera’s timeline within the mobile app, ready for you to discover. Learn more.

How has Angelcam helped you? We’d like to know! Please send us an email and share your story with us.

Thank you!

Angelcam team

Your cameras are now one click away from becoming friends with IFTTT

We are excited to announce that Angelcam is now integrated with IFTTT, which means your Angelcam-connected cameras just became IFTTT-compatible!

You asked, and we listened! Integration with IFTTT was a top user request, and now your compatible cameras, doorbells, and other video devices are all capable of integrating with other smart home/IoT devices, including sensors and plenty of other IFTTT products and services.

For those unfamiliar, IFTTT is a free service that allows you to automate interactions between your cameras and other devices and services. For example, you can have your cameras start recording automatically upon leaving your house. How do they know you’ve left? Perhaps it was your Nest Thermostat’s schedule, the usage of your Nuki door locks, or any other IFTTT-compatible device’s event that could have triggered it. Even something as simple as leaving your home Wifi network can initiate your security cameras. For those that prefer manual control over recording, you’re set as well as you can easily set up a button in the widget area of your IFTTT mobile app and enable it with that.



You can mark events on a camera’s cloud-recording timeline with any IFTTT-compatible sensor (i.e. the D-Link Motion Sensor)allowing you to track events and watch related recordings at a later time (currently only available on the mobile app).

Want to be sure your garage doors are closed after you’ve left home? Capture a snapshot each time your garage doors close, giving you peace of mind.


How about scheduled cloud recordings to save bandwidth or protect your privacy? Maybe a scheduled public broadcast of your camera? Or even receive a text message when your camera goes offline? With IFTTT, you can do all of these things easily through the creation of custom applets.

Ultimately, with prices of IFTTT-compatible sensors starting at $30, combining Angelcam with IFTTT is a very cost-effective way to unlock some unique and powerful possibilities for your cloud-recording solutions.

Have you used IFTTT and Angelcam? Share your experiences with us!

Camera detector update

If you’ve been using Angelcam for a while now, you already know we believe in the “always evolving” approach to our products and services. So much so that updates to many things that are “under the hood”, which are hardly noticed by our customers, go unannounced.

Take the recent update of our Camera Detector for example. While it went live largely unannounced, this update will go a long way to better helping you connect your cameras faster and in a much more convenient manner, regardless of whether you’re connecting directly, via an NVR, or through an AngelBox. More specifically, here’s what’s been updated:

  1. We have added or updated the video stream path for more than 60 camera brands, including AVTech, Hikvision, Dahua, Ubiquiti, Vivotek, Amcrest, Edimax and more.
  2. When the Camera Detector finds multiple video streams on a camera, the primary stream is now used (not the secondary, as we did in past).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us.

Happy connecting and have a great summer!

View Your Camera Live & Check Past Recordings Anywhere with Brand New Mobile App

If you own a security camera and want to monitor your home or business, no matter where you are, then we have a brand new mobile app for you – the Angelcam mobile app

Here’s how it will help you:

  1. Utilize the real-time view and see what your cameras are capturing, recording, or streaming, anytime and anywhere you are.
    View your cameras in full-screen view, available in both landscape or portrait, or use the smart multi-camera view* (check more details Q&As below) and see all your camera feeds together on one screen.
  2. With a subscription to the Cloud Recording app, you can access your past recordings and search through them by simply swiping through the timeline or quickly jump to a specific moment in time with the help of a calendar.

With access to both your live and past recordings, Angelcam’s mobile app becomes your complete on-the-go solution for staying on top of your feeds. Best of all,
it’s FREE to use for all Angelcam users!
Download it today on
iTunes or Google Play (for iOS 10 or Android 4.4 and newer).



Once you try it, be sure to let us know what you think about the app by leaving us a comment on the app store page.

We hope you enjoy!

Ivana from Angelcam


BUT WAIT! There’s more! We’re currently finishing up work on some unreleased features, including an extension to the mobile app that will allow you to view events on the timeline, IFTTT integration into our platform, and soon, camera sharing. Stay tuned and be sure to let us know which features you’re most interested in seeing in the future.


Mobile App Q&As:

Q: Which cameras are compatible with the new mobile app?

A: The new mobile app is compatible with any camera brand that supports MJPEG & h.264 (including sound). You can view one or several cameras at once, from one or even multiple locations.


Q: What is Smart multi-camera view?

A: This view allows you to see multiple cameras on one screen, even with a very slow internet connection. With multi-camera view you’ll essentially be seeing snapshots, but continually refreshed automatically (frequency based on your device capabilities and internet connection).

If your device is not connected to WiFi, the refresh rate is a maximum of 10 seconds (to save your mobile data), but it could be more on slower connections. Regardless of the frequency, you will be able to see what’s happening on your cams quickly and easily, even when traveling and using your international data roaming.

On the other side, if your device is connected via WiFi, there is no hard limit on the snapshot refresh rate. (Note: if you have a powerful device and a fast WiFi connection and still experience a low refresh rate, check out this post on our FAQ).

Q: How can I find a past moment with the mobile app?

A: To be able review your past recordings, add the Cloud Recording app to your camera. Once setup, you will be able to search through recordings by swiping through the timeline (to be found below the preview window) or find a specific moment by choosing the time and date from the calendar. No need for downloading clips or waiting for assistance – searching for a specific moment from the past has never been faster or easier.


Q: How much mobile data is needed for watching your cameras live?

If you want to save your mobile data, we suggest that you primarily watch your cameras while you’re connected via WiFi. Snapshots are being refreshed every few seconds, which might be alright even if you’re not on WiFi, but with the real-time view of your camera stream (in camera detail), your data usage can increase very quickly, especially if you’ve set up your FUP for 300 (watching your stream in full HD uses a lot of data). So please keep your mobile data limits in mind when accessing the live stream from your camera.


Q: How much does the Cloud Recording app costs?

A: The Cloud Recording app, with cloud storage for your security cameras and DVRs, starts at $3.99 per month. If you wish to try it first, be sure to take advantage of our 30-Day Trial of the Starter 7 plan with 7 days retention.