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At Angelcam, except for other projects, we are building a mobile app that can be used “just” for viewing live or recorded video from cameras but we would like to learn this app much more. The word “just” is not quoted by accident. There are tonnes of apps for viewing camera streams but there’s only one that can be used to connect almost any camera or alarm from any manufacturer – our app.

New App

Say hello to (y)our new favorite security app

For the past 9 months, the team at Angelcam has been hard at work on a special project that will help unify our suite of security products and give you, our users, a more robust means of helping you protect that which matters most.

For some, that may mean your business and the livelihood it provides you and those that work alongside you. For others, that could mean ensuring the safety of your home and the loved ones that reside within.

Whatever matters most to you, we want to help ensure it remains safe and secure and to that end have prepared a new and improved way of monitoring and managing your security system, no matter where you are.

Say hello to the new Angelcam app and say hello to a greater peace of mind.


Garland Food Success story

Today we’re presenting you another one of our success stories – a use case we delivered to one of our customers. There’s so much you can do with Angelcam. We hope you’ll be inspired to pursue your tech endeavors!

1. The company

With 25 years of market presence, Garland Food is one of the largest suppliers of fresh products throughout Southern and Northeastern United States. Headquartered in Miami, FL, with another distribution center in Orlando, FL, they’re one of the the major suppliers of garlic and other natural and organic products for regional retail chains and food service companies in Florida and other regions of the country.

2. The challenge

Garlands IT and Finance departments were seeking an effective way to monitor food production activities in an effort to enhance quality control, reduce liability, and better protect equipment, while allowing all executives to quickly get the pulse of  facility operations at any time, from anywhere in the world.

In addition, they were looking for a solution that would hopefully not include the burden of having to replace their entire camera system, build their own mobile app, or use a consumer-based app that wasn’t enterprise-grade.

Many solutions on the market would have forced them to implement a new camera system, costing them tens of thousands of dollars upfront, with another few thousands per year in licensing costs for a cloud-based solution.

3. The solution


Getting started with smart home security

With over 3 million home burglaries every year in the US alone, homeowners are driven to find a viable, preventative home security solution. With modern technology, they can look beyond the old, passive solutions and discover an opportunity to enhance their security, installing a system that is truly proactive and reactive. A means of not only more effectively preventing break-ins, but also enabling fast, reliable emergency assistance, gaining deeper knowledge of all triggered events at their home, providing better ease-of-use for family and friends, and much more.

While these smart security solutions provide a multitude of advanced features and functionality, making for a powerful, user-friendly security system, they also present homeowners with a difficult, time-consuming process of identifying where to start. That’s where we come in! We want to help get you familiar with some of these cutting-edge options by outlining some practical ways you can upgrade your home security, along with some recommended products and services.

It All Starts at your Front Door

(more…) Success story

Today we’re presenting you one of our success stories – a special use case we delivered to one of our customers. There’s so much you can do with Angelcam. We hope you’ll be inspired to pursue your tech endeavors!

1. The company


Founded by amateur golfers and veterans of the tech industry, TboxTour is a Virginia-based startup that is looking to enhance and simplify the process of sharing your love of golf with your friends. Livestream your best shots, have open competitions with your golfing buddies, or even save clips of your top shots for later viewing.


2. The Challenge


When building a consumer application, designing a top-of-the-line UX and getting the MVP completed and to market as soon as possible is vital. With that, when dealing with video it’s equally important to be able to quickly process video content and present it in a way that is highly-relevant and of the highest quality, driving user engagement and growth.


This was what TboxTour was looking to achieve, and doing so involved tackling a number of challenges:


  • Connect video clips and streams to their respective cloud-based application while preserving the highest quality video from Axis IP cameras
  • Ensure adequate quality of video from IP cameras in outdoor environments and/or with unreliable internet connections
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in for IP cameras
  • Embed live streams and video recordings into mobile application
  • Provide end users the capability of scaling to any audience size, on demand, without the need to build their own video streaming CDN delivery network
  • Produce a cost-effective, market-ready MVP, complete with APIs, within 90 days
  • Partner with a service provider that could scale with their business model
3. The solution


Confronted with the daunting challenge of rapidly developing and deploying an MVP application and associated APIs that effectively captured, processed, and displayed high-quality video content from an outdoor environment, TboxTour connected with leading camera and video consulting firm, RadiusVision. Together, they selected Angelcam as their platform of choice due to the simplicity of it’s plug-and-play, DIY device, the AngelBox, which could be deployed along with their custom hardware, on site. In addition, Angelcam’s Broadcast and Video Clip APIs ensured they would be able to get their MVP to market, for rapid testing, on time.

Angelcam products used:

  • AngelBox deployed and linked to on-site Linux-based OS devices, connecting the IP cameras to the Angelcam cloud with an encrypted stream
  • Cloud Recording Application with 7-days retention of stored video in the cloud
  • Cloud Recording API used to embed a video player that plays recorded footage into the mobile application
  • Video clip API was utilized for fast, custom retrieval of clips of interest
  • Broadcasting API was employed to embed live streams of video footage into the mobile application

Angelcam services included:

Our US Sales and Support team, along with our Engineering team, provided solution support from the outset and app development throughout the pilot project. The team often met twice, if not three times, per week to discuss the various technical challenges and how Angelcam could assist.

4. The results


TboxTour has successfully implemented their solution at multiple golf facilities throughout the country, with the AngelBox system continually streaming high-quality video from Axis cameras to their cloud application.


As they continue to meet each successive project milestone, the team is now into the latter part of the MVP phase of finalizing development and performing user testing of the mobile application. The testing will help bring any further technological and product needs to the forefront, while the success of their video stream implementations allows them to forge relationships with select launch partners before moving onto the launch phase.  


Would you like to get more insights on our products? Happy to see you here! … or contact us directly on for tech or sales enquiries.

3 reasons why your construction business should time-lapse the next project

There are a number of ways keeping track of progress and investing in video production can benefit your business. Here are our top 3 use cases for timelapse video, an essential when it comes to the construction industry.

  1. Endless marketing opportunities

The work speaks for itself. In this case, indeed, a video speaks for itself. A time lapse video tells the story as construction unveils. There’s something catchy and addictive about time lapse and no matter the audience, it’s one of the most engaging formats.

A few ways how to utilize a time lapse video in your marketing mix:

– your website

– social media

– trade shows

– client presentation

– TV ads

Extra tip: Sell an edited copy of the construction video as an extra product to your client.

See this IKEA time lapse – 2 years in 2 minutes:

  1. Document

Your video material has a bunch of implications and uses internally:

    •  Keep track of your procedures and project management
    • Showcase the progress on the site with colleagues that are not involved in the project
  • Document your projects for archiving purposes
  1. Jobsite safety

On site monitoring coupled with time lapse can help document unpredicted events or errors. Going through footage in this scenario can save resources – and help prevent repeat incidents. 

Construction timelapse checklist:

The 7 OLCC security camera regulations cannabis dispensary owners need to understand

The rules for Oregon cannabis dispensaries come from Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s Division 25, and is published here under Recreational Marijuana.  Full disclaimer: this is not legal advice, and these rules will continue to evolve. This is only an interpretation of the rules as published on as of March 15 2018.

The 4 primary sets of rules that pertain exclusively to security camera system are in sections:

  • §845-025-1430: Video Surveillance Equipment
  • §845-025-1440: Required Camera Coverage and Camera Placement
  • §845-025-1450: Video Recording Requirements for Licensed Facilities
  1. §845-025-1460: Location and Maintenance of Surveillance Equipment

There are 3 additional sections that touch upon your security camera system:

    1. §845-025-2840: Retailer Premises states that a retailer must post in a prominent place signs that read “Security Camera in Use”
    1. §845-025-1175: Changing, Altering, or Modifying Licensed Premises 6(c) states that Any physical change that would require the installation of additional video surveillance cameras or a change in the security system
  1. §845-025-1410 Security Requirements 4(b) Keep all video recordings and archived required records not stored electronically in a locked storage area. Current records may be kept in a locked cupboard or desk outside the locked storage area during hours when the licensed business is open

Below is a summary of each rule section and some advice from Angelcam:

  • 845-025-1430: Video Surveillance Equipment describes the equipment you must have on premises. It says you must have:
    • Cameras that can fulfill the requirements in §1450 (we’ll write more on that later)
    • DVR’s or NVR’s  
    • A video monitor on site capable of viewing recorded videos.
    • A printer on-site capable of producing still photos
    • The ability to produce still photos from any camera image
    • A failure notification system in case of interruption of the system.
    • Battery backup to support 1 hour of recording time if power goes out.
  • Except for mounted cameras, all surveillance equipment (NVR,DVR, Angelbox, etc) must be stored in a locked secure area that is accessible only to licensee, personnel or Commission employees/contractors.

A few notes on this rule and how Angelcam can help:

We recommend using IP cameras and an NVR instead of Analog/DVR systems. One benefit is that the cameras can be connected to the cloud on stand-alone basis if needed.  

The last rule applies to the surveillance room that will need to be monitored by another security camera, and that camera’s footage will need to be backed up to the cloud.  The idea here is that the OLCC will be able to know if the surveillance equipment or footage is tampered with, since a camera is monitoring the equipment area and that footage is recorded to the cloud in real-time. This is a common starting point for dispensaries to begin using a cloud video system with a mobile app like Angelcam.  

To enhance the granularity of the failure notification system, Angelcam’s system can provide you with an email notification if any specific camera is offline for more than 10 minutes.

  • 845-025-1440: Required Camera Coverage and Camera Placement talks about the areas the cameras need to surveil:
    • All points of ingress and egress, including within 15 feet inside and out
    • Consumer sales area
    • Surveillance room
  • “Limited access” areas

From the OLCC, “Limited access area” means a building, room, or other contiguous area on a licensed premises where a marijuana item is produced, processed, stored, weighed, packaged, labeled, or sold.

  • 845-025-1450: Video Recording Requirements for Licensed Facilities talks more about what needs to be recorded including the resolution and quality of video:
    • Record footage in any area with marijuana, plants, concentrates, extracts, etc. including areas of ingress/egress.
    • For “Limited Access” and “Consumer sales” areas, use 1280p footage at 10 frames per second.
    • In other areas that are not “Limited access”, 1280p with 5 frames per second works, unless coverage overlaps any limited access areas (including entrances). Then cameras must record at 10 fps;
    • Cameras must be able to record in all lighting conditions.
  • Keep surveillance recordings on-premises for a minimum of:
      • 90 days (if license granted after Aug 31 2016)
    • 30 days (if license granted before Aug 31 2016)
  • Back up the video surveillance recordings off-site and in real time for the surveillance room or surveillance area. Keep off-site backup recordings described in of this rule for a minimum of 30 days.

This is the rule that requires real-time backup of video stored off-site, and one of the most common reasons a cloud-based video service like Angelcam is used. The rule can be confusing since it states both “surveillance room or surveillance area”.  

It’s worth understanding the intention of this rule. OLCC representatives have stated the intention is to provide a mechanism to verify coverage in the event of a breach, stated or known, by requiring licensees to have a security system to provide evidence if what happened was a theft. Dispensary owners, the OLCC and law enforcement will be able to prevent breaches much more quickly and effectively with live streams of the security videos backed up to the cloud in real-time, since they cannot be tampered with.

In terms of the definition, practically speaking, each facility is different and more or less vulnerable to breach – this is where inspectors come in.  Typically inspectors will only require 30-day cloud storage for surveillance of this area, but we have seen cases where dispensary owners have said they required 90-day off-site storage.  

Currently, the only explicit 90-day storage requirement in the rule guide is for the video kept on-premises in your DVR/NVR.

Angelcam provides 30-day and 90-day cloud recording packages to allow owners to meet these requirements, and will preserve whatever footage and resolution comes from the camera.

  • 845-025-1460: Location and Maintenance of Surveillance Equipment describes the room where the surveillance equipment is stored.

It states that off-site storage must be secure and the recordings must be kept in a format approved by the Commission that can be easily accessed for viewing and easily reproduced.  Angelcam’s cloud-based video recording service makes it easy for dispensary owners to create, download or share mp4 video clips with authorities upon request. With our player-sharing feature, dispensary owners and operators can give their 3rd party security teams remote access and viewing.

See Angelcam solution here.

View. Record. Share. All in one on your mobile app now

If you urgently need someone else to have a look at a live stream from your camera(s), but you are not at your computer, or if you just like using a mobile app everywhere you go, we believe you’ll appreciate the latest mobile app update. In addition to the existing live stream view, we’ve added the ability to share the live stream with people you need. But not only that, you can also allow other people to look into your past recordings (according to your current plan of Cloud Recording app and if you have a camera connected to any IFTTT compatible device, motion events will be also marked in the video clips).


Advantages of the Angelcam mobile app:

  • Share the live view with your guests *
  • Share live stream & recordings with your guests *
  • Share recordings from the camera with events marked on the recordings *
  • View all your cameras on one screen (in a different previews)
  • View all cameras that your friends have shared with you
  • View events on your timeline
  • Quickly scroll through past recordings
* New feature


Download the mobile app on iTunes or Google Play (for iOS 10 or Android 4.4 and newer), it’s FREE for all Angelcam users.



Once you try it, be sure to let us know what you think about the app by leaving us a comment on the app store page.