Our top picks for RTS-compatible Sensors

The current home and business security market is simply overcrowded. It’s jam-packed with cameras, alarm panels, sensors and other devices that go a long way to helping you better protect what matters most, but present a complex decision-making process.

When it comes to what feature or functionality to prioritize when it’s time to make that decision, we believe our newly-added service, Real-time Security, and which devices are compatible with it, may help give you that deciding push. 

Why you may ask. Well, Angelcam’s Real-time Security was built to rectify one of the greatest drawbacks of current security products – the ability to monitor, verify, and take action in real-time. Since not many devices on the market are ready, in terms of speed of detection, verification, and response capabilities, to take advantage of Angelcam RTS your pool of options just got a lot more focused.

In reality, while there are plenty of options that could work with RTS, we set out to identify only a dozen or so devices that we feel do so above and beyond the others. Those that put users in an optimal position to do what Angelcam’s RTS sets out to do, which is to not just monitor activity but to empower you to effectively react in a timely manner, mitigating any issues that may arise.

Staying on top of your Security with Real-time Alerts

Angelcam’s RTS is built upon users getting real-time alerts when cameras or sensors detect something. With that, there are three ways of how a user receives an instant push notification in their Angelcam mobile app from any sensor or camera.

  1. An email is sent to a specific email address that is automatically generated for every new sensor at My sensors page. Put simply, the sensor or video motion detection will generate and send an email to that designated sensor email address, triggering an event and a push notification. Take a look how to find your sensor’s email address.

2) An event is sent via IFTTT. Here is a short, 1-minute video guide that provides an example of how this works, using a D-Link Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor.

3) Events are sent via API for more advanced users and developers. More info can be found here.

With that said, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some vendors, and their associated products, that can be connected to the Angelcam Cloud platform and take advantage of Angelcam’s RTS and instant video verification capabilities. 

D-Link Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor

D-Link Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor

The D-Link Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor is a very small and cost-effective motion sensor that doesn’t require a base station. It’s connected directly to your router via integrated WiFi and has a very easy installation process, which only requires the download and installation of the D-link app to properly onboard the sensor.     

The D-Link Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor supports IFTTT (see the 1-minute installation guide) and thus can be connected to the Angelcam platform to send push notifications to the Angelcam App.


  • Very affordable price – $24.99 (no additional costs)
  • Easy setup requiring only your phone
  • IFTTT that works with Angelcam
  • Available on Amazon


  • No 4G cellular backup
  • Requires a power outlet


Minialarm aims to change the rules of the game with its easy-to-use, multi-functional, stand-alone sensor that doesn’t require an internet connection to send you alarm notifications. As an NB-IoT, stand-alone device, it doesn’t need a base station, but only four AA batteries and the aforementioned NB-IoT connection.

Minialarm can trigger an alarm when movement from the PIR or internal shock and leverage detector is registered. In other words, you simply place the Minialarm anywhere you have NB-IoT coverage and you’re good to go!


  • No need for an internet connection or external power supply (powered by 4x AA batteries)
  • Uses Narrow-Band IoT, meaning it doesn’t require internet connectivity
  • Doesn’t require a base unit 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Optimized for false alarm mitigation (multiple sensors logic)


  • Can only be used in NB-IoT compliant countries 
  • NB-IoT data subscription has to be purchased separately (first 12 months are included)

Scout Alarm

Scout alarm

Reflecting the needs of most customers, Scout Alarm offers a full spectrum of security devices and sensors, which generally require the use of a base unit (the Scout Hub) and are not stand-alone devices. This hub joins all of the sensors together and connects them to the internet.

All sensors currently offered by Scout work with Nest, Amazon Alexa, Hue, IFTTT, Google Assistant and Lifx.

The Scout Alarm system is fully modular and consists of the following sensors:

Door panel – The Door Panel is dual-purpose, acting as both an access point to the system via an RFID reader, meaning it can be armed and disarmed without your phone, and also a means of monitoring activity at the main entry door. It also includes a built-in105 dB siren, ensuring the alarm will be heard throughout the home.

Motion Sensor – Detects motion up to 25 ft (7 m) away. With a 90 degree field of view, it’s great for monitoring critical paths throughout a house.

Access Sensor – Detects the opening and closing of windows, doors, cabinets, and safes.

Water Sensor – Prevents substantial water damage as you’re instantly alerted the moment water is detected.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector – This detector constantly monitors your home for the presence of smoke and CO. If an event occurs, your system’s sirens will trigger and you’ll be notified.

Glass Break Sensor – Monitors your home for the sound and vibration of breaking glass. 


  • Wide range of sensors
  • 60-day return policy
  • 3-year warranty
  • 4G cellular and battery backup
  • Integration possibilities – works with Angelcam (via IFTTT)
  • Available on Amazon


  • Sensors always require a Base unit (i.e. Scout Hub)
  • Only 1 indoor camera and 1 video doorbell are supported


While Netatmo is well known for it’s easy-to-use Smart Home Weather Stations, they also offer a variety of Security, Energy and Air Care devices. Netatmo products are also compliant with IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

When talking only about its security sensors, Netatmo offers the following:

Smart Indoor Siren – Scare intruders away and better protect your home against burglaries.

Smart Door And Window Sensors – Get notified before a break-in even occurs.
Smart Smoke Alarm – Alerts you in the event of a fire.


  • Does not require a hub, as every sensor is stand-alone (Every sensor has its own Wifi connection to your home router)
  • 60-day return policy
  • 1 additional year of warranty for free
  • Integration possibilities – works with Angelcam (IFTTT)
  • Available on Amazon


  • No 4G cellular backup

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