Looplay mobile app powered by Angelcam API solution

Looplay is a mobile app that provides amateur & professional athletes the ability to view and download clips/highlights from their sporting events. Cameras mounted at these sporting facilities would record matches/games which can be later accessed by users to search, edit and share footage.

The challenge

  • Being able to connect camera feeds to the internet easily
  • API access to such solution so there is the ability to integrate these feeds into Looplay app


  • Angelcam was probably the only and the easiest solution because of the firmware available
  • No need to change router settings or IP addresses
  • Using Angelbox was the simplest solution so far
  • Excellent and prompt customer support is a huge plus and part of the reason they decided to go with Angelcam

We were very lucky to have stumbled upon Angelcam’s API solution to connect cameras to our web app and give users easy access. We think it’s the easiest and fastest way to get your cam feed to the world. “
Edmond Yazbeck, co-founder of LOOPLAY

Q: What will happen if the solution provided will not exist anymore?
A: It wouldn’t have been possible for us to launch our product that quickly if it wasn’t for Angelcam. There’s no doubt if Angelcam didn’t exist, we would have much more work to do.