Get Inspired By How Others Use Their IP Cameras

We at angelcam are all about getting more from security cameras, especially when it serves a good purpose…which is exactly what’s happening right now in India! Check out what Jaganmohan Kataru from does in order to make parents feel safe about their kids. Who knows, maybe the story will inspire you to do the same thing in your town!

The mission

Jaganmohan’s goal is very clear.

“We want to offer transparency of the school administration to parents, providing the ability to see a child whenever they want and wherever they want.”

In other words, the parents are able to connect to a live stream from their kids’ school and see if everything’s OK, any time of the day. Since children’s safety is one of the Indian government’s (and people’s) top priorities, this is a great step forward.

Pretty cool, right?

This is how they do it

They (and you as well, should you decide to follow Jaganmohan’s example) only need 3 things to get the project up and running: an IP camera, Internet connection and angelcam.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. 🙂

When creating something like, an IP camera in every classroom is crucial  of course. That’s the “eye” of the whole thing, but it still needs a “brain”. And that’s where we step in with one of our apps, the Live Streaming.

This article is all about inspiring you with what an IP camera can do, so let’s skip the details. After all, you can explore them later.

Oh and there’s one important thing that we feel needs to be said: the streaming is, of course, completely safe and  protected by each parent’s unique password, so no “unauthorized” person gets to watch it.

What now?

IP cameras are indeed sophisticated devices. However, you’d be surprised by how much more they can do with such little effort from your side when enriched with the right software!

Should you be interested in exploring ours, you can start right from this place or you can contact us at anytime.

Talk to you soon!