Do streaming network cameras and video analysis apps need a blog?

Welcome to the official blog!

It’s quite obvious you realized that’s where you are, of course. So let’s talk about…well, about what we will talk about in this blog in the future and why you should subscribe to learn about new posts (or come back here often).

There are 2 main services that click2stream offers to you and those two are the topics we’ll be covering in the blog, too:

1) Streaming live video and audio from network cameras (or security cameras)

2) Computer vision and video analysis applications

Now, let’s talk a bit more about the two and why we’re excited about them.


Streaming live video and audio from network cameras (or security cameras)

If you’re one of our customers, you’ve most likely found us because you wanted to stream from your network camera and needed a simple, problem-free service that provides it with transparent pricing. Or at least that’s the feedback we’re receiving in our customer reviews, emails and live chat support.
This is the service we started with and we have expert knowledge of. That’s why it’s very reasonable of you to expect us to write blogs with tips and tricks on how to set up your camera stream, handle troubleshooting and also get to your fullest viewership potential if you’re streaming publicly. We’ll also cover topics like choosing the right camera for your needs and intriguing new developments on the camera market like this interesting 360 camera, or this very budget friendly click2stream compatible camera.

Computer vision and video analysis applications

A few months ago we’ve opened what today still is the first and only open app-store for video analysis applications.

We’re working hard on adding more and more advanced apps to its offering as well as recruiting hundreds of 3rd party developers to add their algorithms and apps. While we’re doing this, we often stumble across interesting developments on the frontiers of computer vision that point towards what you can expect from our app-store in the future. It would be a shame if we didn’t share these with you.

Another range of topics come directly from you, our thousands of customers.
We often talk to you and in those talks often uncover new use cases for video analysis apps be it in retail, facility management, traffic, security or a handful of other areas. We would never have thought of these use cases without you and your expert knowledge of your own business and its needs, of course. But we think there’s value in sharing these findings as we think that for instance what we learn about one mayor’s office needs installed can help other cities solving similar issues.
Of course we will never share any sensitive information or business data and whenever we write about any ideas that sprang from discussions with our customers we will obtain permission from them first.

Hope this post got you as excited about our blog as we are. If it did, please subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a single posts ever.
We’re looking forward hearing back from you about our posts as well as any ideas for topics. team