Deployed Soldiers Watch Kids Play Baseball Thanks To Network Camera Streaming

Welcome to Clarksville, Tennessee a town of 150,000,  not even a full hour drive away from Nashville. And also home of a wonderful application of our technology at the local National Little League baseball field. 1379203_615361781847176_1276194550_n It all started when one coaching parent approached Danell Welch who runs the field. He got diagnosed with leukemia and couldn’t continue coaching the team where his kid plays. That’s devastating news for sure. But Welch didn’t just offer sympathy. “I thought ‘What could I do for this guy. What would I want to do if I were in his situation,” Welch recalled on our recent phone interview. “And I thought “I’d want to watch my kid play baseball.”. That’s something that could’ve been done. By installing 3 ACTA D83 network cameras facing the field and finding a way to stream the live video publicly. Welch called up the ex-coach as the first game was about to start saying “Sorry you wont’ be able to help with coaching today, but you know what? You’ll be there with us today. Turn on your computer and go to our website.“. And as he did, there was his child waving at the camera.

The idea caught on also with the community’s parents serving in the army overseas. “Turns out, there’s a lot of grandparents who live elsewhere, but want to watch the kids play, too,” adds Welch. But with parents deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq wanting to watch the games, finding a new streaming technology was necessary – they needed live video streaming that would work seamlessly not just on desktop computers, but smartphones and tablets as well. And video streaming publicly in high quality to Android and iPhone is what brought them to “We had some issues at first to set it all up correctly, but the support team at click2stream was very helpful and now it all just works,” said Lee Ezell who helped out with the on-site installation and setup. 163648_158721054177920_6809908_n Bringing parents and grandparents closer to their kids by watching them play baseball – that’s something we hope to see more often in the ways people use click2stream in the future. “It’s something that’s great also for other teams who come to play here from elsewhere,” adds Welch. “If you’re a parent who is deployed overseas and you can still watch your kid play baseball back home… Man, you can’t put a price tag on that!”