Click2stream is becoming angelcam. Find out why

Were you around when we founded Click2stream? If so, you might remember it all started with just one thing: the Live Streaming app.

Things have changed since then, and we are now running what we call the world’s first open appstore for security cameras.

One of the first smart applications you can try is Cloud Recording, which many of you were asking for. The app comes with a little surprise – unlike anyone else in the world, we decided to let you record 3 days worth of footage for free.

Try the Cloud Recording app now!

Click2stream was an amazing brand, tied closely to our very first app. But as we decided to help people make use of their network cameras in many different ways, we are changing our name to angelcam.


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For couple of reasons.

One of them is that we believe security cameras are meant to do much more than just watch what’s happening around them. That’s why we enable them to do a lot of other things
through our apps.

The second reason is much more poetic! In some cultures angels are told to be magical creatures. And, with all due respect to magic, we would like to be known for bringing it to small and medium businesses all around the world. Also, our platform and all apps run in cloud. And guess where angels live?

That’s right.

Last but not least, the new name reflects our values. Developing apps for video analysis is one powerful thing, especially if taken advantage of. We believe in certain values that would never allow us to develop apps that would harm someone or someone’s privacy. Angels wouldn’t do such thing either!

This is an exciting moment for us, so we could be talking about this whole rebranding thing for hours, but you know what? Check it out for yourself at and let us know what you think about our new name!

Or shoot shut me an e-mail:
Peter Ocasek, founder & CEO