Major update: Simplifying sensor connection & introducing Event-based recording

We’ve been working hard these past few months to make the Angelcam web application better and better and are excited to show you what we came up with! 

Changes you’ve been waiting for

We’ve had an opportunity to speak with a lot of our customers about how to make connecting sensors easier. 

That’s all about to change thanks to the new, “My Sensors” page.

With this new addition, you’ll now be able to easily connect your sensor, name it, set its type (e.g. motion, door magnet, water leakage, etc.), assign it to a camera, and, most importantly, choose to have events marked on the Camera Timeline and/or have them trigger Event-based recording.

Yes, the Event-based recording service so many of you have been asking for is finally here!

Full functionality is only available for users with cloud recording activated and it gives you the option to save some bandwidth and record only when needed. When Angelcam receives a notification from your sensor, it will mark it on the Camera Timeline so you can more easily navigate through your footage. You’ll also see when the recording began and ended in your timeline.

We hope you’ll benefit from these improvements and want to that all of our users who shared their feedback and opinions to help bring this to fruition and make the world a safer place!

Huge thanks to all the people involved! If you would like to work on such things as well look here.