Business Owners Required By Law To Set Up Camera Surveillance

As reported by CBS New York, a newly approved law White Plains, New York will require some types of business to install and maintain security cameras on their premises. The new law proposed by White Plains Public Safety Commissioner David Chong applies “to businesses that sell alcohol, check cashing establishments, pawn shops, pharmacies and stores open between midnight and 4 a.m.” according to the news report.

Commissioner Chong was quoted as saying “What we want is we want is uniformity,” adding that “consistently clear video that is accessible is a key to solving crime.”

According to CBS New York violation of the law can lead to a jail sentence for up to 15 days and a fine of “maximum of $250 a day until cameras are installed and in operation.”

Although we are more in favor of non-binding encouragement of businesses to install network cameras and store their video securely in the cloud where robbers can’t steal it along with cash from the register – the easiest way to render the system ineffective – the experience of our current customers proves that there are substantial benefits to having a surveillance system in place in stores that fit the law’s target. And with suitable network cameras starting at $100, there’s reason to believe more communities will follow in White Plain’s footsteps soon.

For store owners concerned with risk of police seizing their recordings by police outside of legal reasons when investigating an incident, the Cloud-based solution provided by Click2Stream adds another effective layer of protection by removing the recording’s physical storage from the store’s location.

While public reaction to the new law is mixed, we are preparing a special offer for business owners residing in White Plains and other locales.

source: CBS New York