Adding IP cameras just got simpler. Way simpler.

Today we’re launching a big update to our system that will make your lives much easier again.
Over the past couple weeks we’ve been hard at work perfecting a new, simpler way to add IP cameras. Today this system is finally ready to be launched live for all of you.


If you want to add an Axis network camera, you no longer need its RTSP address. All you need is two number you’ll find printed in your camera packaging.
See the video:

As an official AXIS partner company we were able to implement their AHVS connection system and making click2stream the simplest online implementation of the OneClick connection system ever.
This also means that your camera will connect and work:
– without a static IP address
– without changing your firewall settings
– without opening ports on your router

Go ahead and try it.



You’ll still need just the RTSP or MJPEG address of your camera and a few clicks to get your camera streaming. But now the whole process will be faster and stripped of a number of bottlenecks you’ve been encountering before.

Try our new add-camera process