🇺🇦 Ukrainians: use your security camera to fight disinformation, expose the reality, and document the history (for free of charge)

I believe transparency is the best way to fight disinformation. Deeply concerned over the latest development in Ukraine my team prepared this special offer:

  1. Free secure cloud recording
  2. Free broadcasting
  3. Free concierge onboarding

Every camera connected increases the chance the reality will be spread and captured.

Do you have a security camera located in Ukraine capturing the public area?

❗️Since Friday 25th, we are not broadcasting cameras in Kyiv city, as The Kyiv City State Administration requested everyone to do so.

If you have any questions, concerns, or even ideas on how to increase the impact of this initiative, just say hello@angelcam.com. Thank you.

If you decided to flee, these are the best sources I’m aware of:

  1. Apply for accommodation in Slovakia. You can enter to Slovakia even without passport.
  2. The Czech Republic official help: website, +420974801802, ukrajina@mvcr.cz. You can enter Czechia for 90 days with biometric passport.

Stay safe, stay strong. Everyone I know stands behind you. 

Few more personal worlds

During recent weeks I was terrified reading the news coming from Ukraine.

Yesterday morning I had tears in my eyes. And today morning? I was nearly crying, yet I want to frighten my children.

While Angelcam is an American company and we consider ourselves as a global and distributed company (we don’t have any offices and we are working solely remotely, and are serving customers in 100+ countries), our heart belongs to Europe. Particularly in The Czech Republic where most of our team have been born.

I grew up just next to the Russian military base in the westernmost region of the Czech Republic. I was 11 years old when I had witnessing leaving the Russian army from my country – after 23 years of occupation. Many times since then I found myself wondering how it is possible that the whole world didn’t care and allowed Russia to invade.

And that wasn’t the first time. Something similar happened during the military occupation of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany in 1938. Media also found dangerous parallels to Adolf Hitler’s actions before the Second World War with Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize two breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine.

One of my possible explanations was – “they just didn’t know”.

But there is one huge difference – now we know.

The US and other countries are sharing publicly some of the intel gathered. Even the general public has access to almost real-time commercial satellite images. Everyone has an internet-connected phone with a camera & social media. We can see, share, and like.

But what an ordinary man can do, besides sharing social media posts with #PrayForUkraine hashtag or sending some money to a charity?

That is why we (actually more team-mates at the same time independently, which makes me proud!) came with this initiative.

Besides this public offer, we had also sent some money to where we believe it may have a quick impact, and we had offered accommodation to our 1,300 Ukrainian users. 

Maybe all these activities will have small or even no impact. Yet I hope if every individual and company will do their best, it matters.

Co-founder and CEO